Board of Management

The Board of Management play a key role in the running of our school. Many of our key policy decisions must be ratified by our Board and they play a very hands on role in the day to day school environment. We are very grateful to have such a bunch of enthusiastic and diligent volunteers on our Board and the running of our school is in safe hands.

Our new Board of Management met on the 15th January 2024 and the agreed report can be read here;

The Board of Management sends their congratulations and thanks to the staff
for the preparation of the children for the Christmas nativity plays and choir

The Board of Management sends their congratulations to the children for their
excellent Christmas performances in school and in the Church for the parish
carol service and Christmas Eve Mass which were thoroughly enjoyed by parents,
staff and parishioners.

The Board of Management sends their thanks and appreciation to the Parents
Association for their fund raising activities and events especially the Tractor Run,
movie day and bingo at Hallowe’en.

The Board of Management welcomes the new Principal, Ms. Ann Bracken and
Deputy Principal, Ms. Niamh Malone. The BOM wishes them many years of
happiness in the school.

The Board of Management would like to thank the former Acting Principal, Mr.
Foran and Acting Deputy Principal, Mr. Ryan for their unselfish commitment to
the school.
Ann Bracken
Secretary to the Board of Management