School Ethos

Vision and Mission

  1. Ethos:

Like any society we in Ireland have our own scale of values.  Our scale of values will inevitably have the most impact on our Educational system.

Our scale of values:

  • Each human being is created in God’s image.
  • He has a life to lead and a soul to be saved.
  • All people are equal in the eyes of God – each is entitled to an equal chance of obtaining optimum personal fulfilment.

Education is therefore, concerned not only with life but with the meaning of life.


  1. The make-up of a child:
  • Each child bears the stamp of its heredity.
  • Each child is largely the product of its environment.
  • A child’s development will greatly depend on the success or failure of the combined efforts of:
  • most important – his/her Home
  • his/her Church
  • his/her School
  • the influence that peers and commercialism may exert for good or bad.

Mission Statement

Our aim therefore will be to enable the child to live a full life as a child and to equip him/her to avail of further education so that he may go on to live a full and useful life as an adult in society.


  1. Our understanding of children:
  • All children are complex human beings with physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs and potentialities.
  • With this in mind each child should be provided with the kind and variety of opportunities towards stimulation and fulfilment which enable him to develop his/her fullest capacity.
  • Our Curriculum must be thus developed to cater for:
  1. Child’s harmonious development.
  2. Children with widely varying natural and cultural backgrounds.
  3. Children’s needs in getting to know and value themselves, and forming objective standards of judgement and behaviour.
  4. Helping the child to learn through experience, how to live and co-operate in a responsible way with other adults and children.

     4. Our Immediate Situation and Particular Aims:

“The educational system is a mechanism by which one generation transmits to the next the basic elements of the ever-increasing fund of human knowledge, the common culture of the society, the social habits, customs and national attitudes on which the health and cohesion of a society depend, and its religion, morality and ethics which in a fundamental sense determine the essential quality of the society and of the people who constitute it”.

     5. Our Responsibility:

The formal education of every child enrolled in our school is our responsibility .